About Us

Company Profile

LNL INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD was established in 2003 as a specialist paint applicator which is still the core business activity. Under the leadership of Mr. Lester Low Liang Hoe, the company has humble beginning with a small but committed team of professional in building facade enhancing business. With focus on quality finishing for exterior and interior facades and timely delivery, we managed to build up a pool of satisfied client/customer base. 

The Best Quality Facade Made

LNL is now with over 100 competent and certified professional facade enhancers ably assisted by full complement of project team and support staff to undertake projects in Klang Valley and other major cities in Malaysia. We are accredited to the best quality facade made over manufacturers such as ICI, JOTUN, etc.,  from whom we directly obtain out supply of appropriate materials. 

Our numerous clients/customers

Our numerous clients/customers, who are so appreciative of our transparency protocol in terms of providing evidences and warranties to the materials and quality of works, have been our greatest sources of repeated business. The referrals from these satisfied customers have been one of our key channels of new businesses.

Our Services

LNL has been trading in Klang Valley, Northern & Southern Region for the past 8 Years. In that time, we have successfully completed many projects including Hospitals, Commercial, Industrial and Roof Coatings. LNL has concrete in built a valued client base with pledge a Quality, Reliability and Value for Money. With these core principles are important and has help us to sustain a repetitive business.

  • Building Facade Surface Painting, Repainting & Recoating Works based on conventional and specialised paints and texture coatings and plaster systems to decorate, protect, refinish, preserve, restore, reinforce or seal facade surfaces including anti fungus and algae treatment and non-structural crack line.

  • To provide a building facade cleaning, restoration, waterproofing, replacement, refinishing and maintenance works to facade metal cladding, glass curtain walls, skylift domes, canopy shelters structures.

  • To carry out the business as general contractors, interior design works contractor and builders for the construction, demolition, erection, repair, replacement, refinishing, renovation, maintanance, floor coating of buildings which included hotels, hospitals, offices, houses, condominiums, factories, warehouse & etc

Our Motto

  • Maintain highest level of work quality.
  • Use only genuine products from accredited suppliers.
  • Committed to protect the environment and the health of employees, occupants, owners and visitors.
  • Ensured safety at the work.
  • Exercised transparency in our procurement policy.

Vision & Mission

  • Our Vision

Our Mission 

  • Focuses on the highest quality-finishing of exterior and interior facades of buildings of all sizes and shapes we strive to meet the changing expectations of our client/customer needs.
  • In this effort, we invest capital in continuous upgrading of the skills of our professional applicators and support staff to keep abreast with changing technological advances in skills and machinery as on-going process.
  • Our Green approach at all times emphasizes the use of environmentally safe material in all our work processes.
  • Taking safety as a primary concern, we take special care to ensure that occupants of the buildings, its environment and storage of all blame able materials are promptly incorporated in our work process.



Shall you have any enquiry, kindly reach US at 03-6140 6306 or e-mail to us at info@lnlpaints.com.my

Our Professional


Stage 1 Pre-Tender Stage

  • Pre-Tender site Inspection
  • Tendering for the Project
  • Post Approval Detailing

Stage 2 Project Implementation

  • Mobilization of Project Team
  • Project Monitoring
  • Work Progress Communication

Stage 3 Handing Over on Completion

  • Pre-handover Facade Inspection
  • Clearing the site of the debris
  • Joint Facade & site Inspection

Stage 4 Post Project Maintenance

  • Assess Satisfaction levels
  • Attend promptly to complaints (if any)
  • Periodical site visits

Stage 5 How We Add Value?

  • Environment & Occupants Safety
  • Quality Management
  • Personal Management & Security ControlTransparency

Shall you have any enquiry, kindly reach us at 03-6140 6306 or e-mail to us at lnlpaints@gmail.com